Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Studio

What happens when you're working on a bigger piece that won't quite move along as requested, but insists on being something different, and you haven't got all the ideas for it that will work, anyway what happens is that other stuff gets done on the way to the studio.

This is the latest freecycle: a crateload of ancient acrylic rug yarn, decades old, but fresh and nice, been stored well, in various brilliant colors, dying to be made up with a big crochet hook or something.

Then some stuff went drastically wrong in the house, and a fury of intense crocheting was required to recover from it, and two shopping bags emerged from the maelstrom.

Which all goes to show that acrylic has its place, that crocheting and knitting are much better than waving a Glock about, however much you may feel like the latter, being familiar with the works of Janet Evanovich, and that these are the most grin inducing shopping bags at the supermarket this morning.

Monday, July 4, 2011

July Library Gallery show shots

The Plainsboro Artists Group show up for the month of July, is called Wordplay. All the pieces are different takes on the power and existence and significance of words. I took a couple of wall shots, and then picked a few favorites to show you better.

The piece I showed you a while back, woven paper and stamps, and next to it a beautiful piece of calligraphy

Lovely piece, paper processed, quilted, stitched

And here's a wonderful take on the difficulties facing a kid learning to read and write the English language, complete with all its exception and illogic. Donna Senopoulos created this, and I loved it.