Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Untitled fiber art piece for show

This is newly finished, and it's knitting with crochet added to it. The top part is Field of Wheat, very traditional stitch pattern, and I followed it with double crochet, which I hugely increased, then decreased, to create the drapes you see. I falls naturally into a three dimensional shape. No title for this yet, but it reminds me strangely of primitive figures!

Size about 30 x 12 inches. The point of hanging pieces like this for a while before storing them clean for the show is to let them breathe for a while and adopt their preferred dimensions and drape. A dress or not a dress? that too will emerge in a few days. I must get this piece's opinion on that.


Minimiss said...

Pretty colour. I taught myself to knit backwards for those confounded bobbles. Not so bad to keep turning the work when you only have a few to do but not so much fun when you have a whole project with lots of them. Will be interested to hear her name.

dogonart said...

Looks like first comment didn't get through. Love this piece. Wish I could touch it..such tactile appeal.