Monday, May 16, 2011

Nautilus Field and Fen Journal is home!

Readers who follow both this blog and Field and Fen, I'm posting the wonderful results of the Nautilus round robin journal which we originated in Field and Fen.

It's gone far beyond a simple journal idea, and now belongs in this art blog. This marvelous artwork started with my creating a cover and putting in some blank Arches paper for playtime purposes, then it went to several locations in Canada, including Toronto, Cannington, Calgary, to the midwest, to the Bay Area, to Vancouver, to Alaska, and then to New Zealand, and finally back home with me again in New Jersey.

On its global travels, it picked up drawings, poems, painting, musings, photographs, collages, mementoes, multi colors and ideas, and finally got here, hand delivered at my door by my friendly mailman who didn't want it left in the box in the rain, and it had, ohoh, a bag of pineapple lumps, a wonderful Kiwi candy courtesy of Marrianne. Well, I needed the energy to take the pix, after all.

Incidentally, contributors included a MaryAnn, a Marian and a Marrianne. Just thought you'd like to know. As well as a Hali, a Heather, an Irene, an Eepy and oh I hope I didn't omit anyone. People who enjoyed it, couldn't quite make an entry and passed it on, you are part of this too! they also serve who only stand and read..

Anyway, enough chat. Remember you can click to enlarge. Here's the pix:

Front cover and helpful Kiwi candy

Here's Minimiss' page plus a letter card she wrote to explain the significance of her page

MaryAnn's front page reads in both directions

and the back is a marvel of drawing

Irene (dogonart) made a two sided piece, too:

Heather's part was a freestanding folded written piece, which works like writing and like visual art

Hali gave us a painting and a poem, both wonderful

Eepy's preamble Face and her Letter from the Beach need a few frames:

Notice you get to see both sides of the postcards, too

Annie sent a wonderful photograph

And here's the back cover

Aren't we great? just bask a while. We done good.


annie1931 said...

And it was such fun to do, and to pass along! Lovely photos of a marvellous collection!

maryann johnston, CMP said...

So nice to see all together, esp things that came after its visit to the Bay Area! Thank you, Liz and all!

dianesowo said...
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dianesowo said...

Absolutely loverly! [I misspelled absolutely before]

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Y'all done good indeed!!! This will be a treasure to enjoy over and over. Great fun to see!