Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fiber Art 2012 show entry

My work for the solo exhibit I'm putting on at the Libe gallery, by invitation of the curator, to happen next year (!) is moving along a lot faster than I had expected, but that's fine. As usual, the art tells me where it wants to go and what it wants to do, and I'm often just an innocent bystander.

After the Unseen Presence made her presence felt, I realized that there was a dress in most of my woven and knitted wallhangings, which I hadn't realized until that white one turned into a dress before my eyes.

But they remind me of dances, too, so for the moment, the tentative title of this piece, approximately 30 inches by 18, can't measure, it's on another floor, finished this afternoon, is Charleston! complete with the exclamation point.

This contains my handspun yarn, some donated handspun, some unspun wool top (from Cape May, yay), some paper twisted to make yarn, ribbons, cotton thread, sequins, wired ribbon and who knows what else. There are embroidery stitches in here, too, an adaptation of drawn threadwork, with ribbons woven through. Click to enlarge.

As usual, the reds changed in the pic, but there's a wide range of that family of color in this piece. Cameras don't like red!

Many many references in this piece! which blogistas are invited to scope out for themselves. Anyway, you are the first to see this complete work, and I am deep into plans for the next....

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Minimiss said...

Quite stunning. I'm sure a Flapper would have loved one of these numbers.