Sunday, April 17, 2011

Working with a young artist

A friend in the neighborhood, Tarang J., is working toward a major girl scout award, and asked me to advise on the art side of it. She has developed workshops on a series of art forms, origami, fiberart, mandalas and sand art, all using forms from nature and materials either recycled or acquired in the most friendly way to the earth. It's an approach to environmental art, which she hopes to share with younger kids, and adults, too, who could use a reminder to be kind to the earth.

She learned in my studio last week how to make yarn mosaics, weaving spiderwebs without a loom, and using those plastic can connectors beloved of this artist, as looms to create knotted and looped artworks. One of the best students I ever worked with, she has golden hands.

And she keeps on coming up with more ideas, I love this! today she started a God's eye using yarn from my stash -- one of the deals I struck with her was to avoid buying as far as possible, and I supplied a ton of materials from the studio, gouache, paper, yarn, strings, paper plates, all kinds of fun stuff to haul away and supply to her students when her classes get under way.

All this will be chronicled on Facebook and other places, and I can only say what fun it is to be corralled into this adventure!

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