Sunday, April 3, 2011

New knitting and crochet artworks

Aside from the felting mania, and the proposed tapestry and other fiberworks show, in progress, I have been committing knitting and crochet again. This is what I do when I'm thinking about bigger works.

Anyway, here are the slippers, shown on

and off human feet (my own not very glamorous ones, but nobody else would stand still)

showing the nice comfortable garter stitch sole and the shaping of the top. This fits a woman's 8.5 or 9 US, and is available to the lucky commenter in here, so take your chance now! maybe you are a PINOAP -- see below.

This is a crochet scarf/shawl

using a lot of different warm fuzzy yarns, which was executed in my favorite ds stitch, and presented to someone who needed a present, in my life known as a PINOAP. Person In Need of a Present.

If the slippers will fit your dainty (!) foot, and you feel like a PINOAP,comment in here and I'll make a pick.


Boud said...

More to the point: email me with your snailmail address if you'd like to be the owner of the slippers! that will work better, yes.

sapphireblue said...

Those are very cute!