Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Young Artist

It occurred to me, since there's a Schwitters exhibit of collages at the Art Museum here in Princeton, which I have yet to get in to see, that these early works of another artist working in a similar vein would be good to see right now.

These collages were created, just for the sake of them, out of any available images and paper, with great skill and a massive sense of irony, by a young man in his late teens many years ago. They came to me when he was clearing up old stuff in a move, and I asked permission to show them way back. Finally I have a venue in which I can do that.

This is pure art in the sense that it was done just to suit his own need to express, at the time, and was uninfluenced by outside pressures of any kind. In one sense, he invented this form, since he was discovering it for himself.

The pieces are small, and the component parts, his drawings, paintings, comics, poems, are tiny -- sheets 8.5 x 11 are the base of all of them, so some of the drawings are minute. Endless material in there to look at and study and puzzle over.

The artist is my son, Andrew M. Adams, who has all kinds of talents, music composing, computers, photography, you name it. One of them is how he makes his living, and the others are his avocations, all self taught, and followed for the satisfaction of them.

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