Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tapestry and other weavings

In the process of making the red/pink/etc family tapestry, I took a right angle on finding a nice stash of my handspun in blue related colors, and made the first two of three small weavings, on a handmade cardboard loom.

Weavings, one still on cardboard loom, others posing beside it.

It amuses me to read about real weavers weaving with real looms, full of technical terms and skills, and then return to my simple little loom. But I remember that weaving started out this way and in some parts of the world, still happens this way.

I have a book of Taaniko, which is Maori hand weaving, and without the use of any specialized equipment, the weaving is at as high a level as anything you could achieve with a handcarved, polished, beautiful loom, complete with rosewood shuttles.

Modern big looms are things of beauty in themselves, even if I don't plan on working with one any time soon.

Anyway,back to the little weavings, which may already have a home, which I had better not explain too prematurely, since it's part of a surprise. At least this is my part of it, and if it works out, it will be fiiiiiiine.

It's profoundly satisfying to weave using your own handspun wool, from raw fleece to finished object.

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warpedart&design said...

Hi Liz, Over the many years that I have been weaving my tapestries, I have never quite got used to people needing to know what sort of loom I am using nor the disdain when I tell them. All of the various six/seven looms I own are pre-loved hand me downs that are mostly old, worn, scratched, held together with non-matching nuts and bolts, string bindings, hand-made heddles, etc. etc....etc. Well worn and scruffy they may be, but they all have the ability to produce tapestries that are technically sound. Loving your cardboard!!!!