Friday, February 4, 2011

Out of ice, art, for you, Tarang!

I noticed a few minutes ago, after our ice storm, that the downspout in front of the house had a major chunk of ice stopping the draining, so I knocked it off, it fell into two parts, and I realized I had two lovely ice sculptures, courtesy of nature, in my hands. Environmental art, at its best, spontaneous, balanced, harmonious, fleeting.

So I took pictures

here, you can see the shapes, one like a crouching dog, one like a robed figure, on a weathered old bench

And here, a little adjustment introduces negative space into the composition.

So then, thinking, these are the gems of winter, I brought them indoors, and arranged them on red felt, like the jewels they are

Context is everything! and the pressure of getting this done outdoors before the camera froze, then indoors before the ice melted, is all part of the process of art. Life, too, when you think about it.

Already the subjects of the pictures are melting rapidly out there on the bench outside the front door, but they still exist, in these photographs, for us all to continue to see.

This is art that is kind to the earth and to us, too.

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