Monday, January 3, 2011

Another gallery of drawings

I went through literally hundreds of drawings and picked out a few favorites for you to enjoy. This is one of the things that my adult students had a hard time getting: just how many drawings it takes before you like one, if you have any critical faculty. They would get down on themselves because the second or twentieth drawing, as beginnners, wasn't up to their aims.

Then I'd show them Japanese drawings, which they liked a lot, and tell them gently the person who made them had been drawing for maybe seventy years! But it's not about the end product, very often, rather it's about the process, the journey being at least as significant to the traveler as the destination.

Bird studies, which, surprise, are based on the egg shape. What a concept.

Scraped paint and ink drawing

Study of a sparrow's head

Abstraction in pencil, taking a line and its shadow for a walk

Pansies, line and wash, but really a drawing

Marker drawing of art materials -- there's always something to draw, no need to search

Marker drawing on card

Ink on card multiple views

Ink drawing, daffodils. I did a series of these one per day until the flowers faded, and they were equally beautiful at all stages, what a metaphor

This drawing nearly made it as a cover drawing for a local big organization brochure, but they had another meeting and their chief honcho thought it was "too arty"! wonderful compliment, but not intended that way

Gesture drawing of cat on sofa

Pencil abstraction

Charcoal drawing, seated nude

Charcoal drawing, woman's head

Charcoal abstraction on brown paper

Chalk drawing on brown paper

Chalk on black paper, seated male

Chalk abstraction on black

One of many many three-stroke drawing, charcoal on toothed paper

Chalk drawing, white on dark abstraction

Pen drawing of kitty Marigold

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