Sunday, February 9, 2020

Valentine's chic choc

So, moving right along, since I work with silk quite a bit, why not stay in character and make the Vday treat bags from silk?
Wrapped in parchment paper then enclosed in silk. Tied with gold thread.

No sooner said than did.

Tadaah!! I don't think any of the recipients read in here, so we're good. And I'm seeing them before the day, so I'm ready. There may be more, but this is now.


  1. What a fun gift for the recipients - both the treats and those beautiful, spicy silk bags!

  2. It was nice to rummage through my silk pieces to find something festive. I hope they're well received.

  3. oh, those are elegant. I look at that photo, and whatever is reflecting back in the background looks like eyessss...

  4. That's the string of white lights around the window. Cheery. I like the silk bags. Definitely more fun to make than the cursed origami.

  5. Oh yes, if I were on the receiving end of one of your chocolate-y gifts I would like this packaging!

  6. Everyone has plunged into the chocolate, and saved the silk and gold thread for some other project! I think it will see another day.

    It was well received.


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