Friday, February 21, 2020

The Little Book Project continues

Tonight's spinning for tomorrow's weaving

 Today's output, and the process

The red ended up out of this pair. Good for tomorrow, probably

 One side of the cardboard loom, annnddd

 I carried the warp over the top, down the back and now have warps for four pieces, two pieces per side. A cool advantage of a simple, some would say primitive, loom.

Yesterday's output off the loom, steamed, and resting. This is where I remembered I can use both sides of the loom. Aka rush of brains to the head.

I also realized I can avoid a lot of ends to work in at the finishing process by spit splicing as I go, this being wool yarn after all.

A good day of remembering, realizing and doing, all in all.  My arm's tired from all the back-patting.


  1. Growing ever more curious how these books will come together... I'm trying to imagine them finished - sure that I'm going to be completely surprised at what you end up doing here.

  2. I'm still deciding how to stitch them, too. Some stitched binding probably.

  3. Back patting should be happening for sure! Interesting that you can use both front and back of the loom.

  4. It's sheer laziness, saves a second warping. But it's handy.


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