Saturday, May 4, 2019

Clasped weft weaving

This is the latest skill I'm working on which solves a few problems in switching colors and bringing them across to meet. I've learned several ways of changing colors, but this one suits my needs best.

I've just started a new landscape today and you can see these lovely transitions starting to emerge, very smoothly and subtly.

It's a way of locking two warp colors and drawing them across to exactly the place you want to them to meet.

It's very soon to be showing you, but I really like this, and wanted to share. I learned it from Kelly Casanova on YouTube. She's working on a rigid heddle loom, so I adapted to my Hokett, and it's working.

You can adjust the place as you see it happening, suits my style fine. You do get a double warp thread so that might be an issue, but here, with good crewel yarn, packing down nicely, just with my fingers, haven't used a tool, it works.

Next up: doing this with three colors.


  1. I embiggened the photo so I could see the color changes. Interesting!

  2. It's very much like painting, where you see how the line is working before you decide on its length, lovely technique.


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