Thursday, July 5, 2018

A new character emerges

Not up to much at the moment, getting over a very unseasonal flu, but I've been able to complete the tiny doll. It's from Fiona Goble's Knit Your Own Royal wedding.

Clothes to follow.

Body parts layout showed me I'd forgotten the second side of the head, so I got that caught up.

Then stuffing, not my favorite, but done now. And even before she's assembled she's showing attitude.

I'm looking forward to knitting outfits.

And the drum cover designed by request of Handsome Son, shown here nearly complete, has gone to its destination. It fits fine, despite being done by guesswork, and the decreases I did to achieve a flat surface worked, too. I added handmade and semi precious beads to the drawstring and off it went


  1. Thanks for another smile.
    Hope you are feeling better. That fluey thing is hard to shake.

    Not sure about drum cover. Did I miss something somewhere?

  2. I may have been talking about the drum cover elsewhere. Anyway Mike is a great fan of drum circle, and has a handmade double ended drum. The drumheads are sheepskin which needs to be covered in transit, so he asked me to design amd make him a cover. I had the dimension of the head, but other than that nothing. So I guessed it and he's very happy with the result. He Skyped me a pic, drum wearing its cover, but I can't transfer the pic to here.

    The colors are Caribbean at his request, so I looked at the Jamaican flag for ideas. It's all go!


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