Monday, July 23, 2018

Summer concert, Indian music on the santoor and tabla

This was an afternoon of virtuoso playing by the only woman teacher and performer of the santoor in the tri state, NJ, NY Conn, area. The santoor, aka hundred stringed lute, is a kind of hammer dulcimer, played by striking the strings with sticks. It's an amazingly intricate and complex sound, wonderful to be up close to see and hear. Westerners as well as Indians filled the hall to capacity.

If you Google on santoor beautiful Indian music, you can find similar recitals.

Deepal is also an acclaimed singer, though today was all about the santoor. And it was like being carried away from all your cares.

This post had a long delay since storms knocked out WiFi in the region since early yesterday afternoon. Restored now so I'm seizing the day in case it happens again.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Small doll poses in her new duds

Hot off the needles, little doll, in her garden party hat and dress. The Queen's not the only lady whose hat and dress match. Fiona Goble's pattern, size two bamboo needles, crochet thread.

Here she's swinging in her hammock, a handwoven Asian piece

And here she resting against a crystal, on her handwoven blanket, a wall hanging by moi.

This was interesting since a storm came up, lights went out and I went on knitting undeterred.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday summer afternoon of music and friends

No pix permitted during the performance, so I did a couple of quick ones before. Duet from the NJ Symphony playing a wide range of music for dance from all over the world. They inserted a lot of educational info about the music, its history, the instruments they played -- double bass and violin. They invited questions from the audience too, and were on top of all of it. The hall was packed with a crowd of all sorts of ages, nationalities, typical of the town.  Very receptive to the program.

 The players tuning up ahead of time.

Just a great time with professional players who enjoyed the performance, too. Met a couple of old friends there, showed them around the art exhibit a few yards away, introduced a couple to each other, just a good time. One of those events I wondered if I could be bothered and ended up very glad I went.

The event was part of an arts grant from the State arts council, I'm guessing to keep up interest in classical music by making it accessible and friendly.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

More Adventures with Picture books

More exploration of picture books, this time Inga Moore's interpretation of part of Wind in the Willows.

She twines the fantasy of animals dressed as humans and operating in a human society with references to real products, familiar to Brit children,Hovis bread, Sharp's toffee, Typhoo tea, and scenes like this one of a narrow street in a cathedral town, while elsewhere there's a reference to the white horse on the chalk Downs. It just seems very likely, as you get into her world, that Toad's adventures are historical fact.

Definitely recommended for children of any age.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

New doll needs a name

New doll has a face and a test run of hair, which may change

And her dress is in progress.

Here she is in the fitting room.

One thing I really like about this design is the way the feet are shaped as you go.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

A new character emerges

Not up to much at the moment, getting over a very unseasonal flu, but I've been able to complete the tiny doll. It's from Fiona Goble's Knit Your Own Royal wedding.

Clothes to follow.

Body parts layout showed me I'd forgotten the second side of the head, so I got that caught up.

Then stuffing, not my favorite, but done now. And even before she's assembled she's showing attitude.

I'm looking forward to knitting outfits.

And the drum cover designed by request of Handsome Son, shown here nearly complete, has gone to its destination. It fits fine, despite being done by guesswork, and the decreases I did to achieve a flat surface worked, too. I added handmade and semi precious beads to the drawstring and off it went