Monday, May 7, 2018

Giveaway, the Big Reveal

Today Duncan made his selection from the names I'd faithfully written out on bits of paper for him to play with, careful to include everyone who'd asked to be in on the drawing for the little watercolor of the orchid.

We were a bit delayed, since he had decided to sleep instead. He's feeling his age, nearly 15, and the warm weather.  So I let him finish dreaming.

Once he woke up and got alert, and after he'd had a drink of water and a trot about, to get in good picking form, 

he consented to wander among the paper bits, playing, until finally his paw came to rest, and I rescued this slip

So, watch the mailbox, dogonart! too funny really.  But there were no rules about relatives and employees being ineligible to enter this valuable drawing.  Duncan got right onto it, wonder if he remembered doing this once before.  Thank you everyone for your interest, and the nice email comments I got.  This was fun.

Duncan is back on the sofa resting up after his exertions. Then, after the excitement abated, I got on with a bit of plain sewing I have been failing to do for ages.  

These are lovely linen jackets, name brand, but I'd rather have them as overshirts, so I'm shortening sleeves and the body.  They're too long for me, and I don't need the buttoned cuffs.

I did get the blue one finished, and looking much more useful. No need to get too rushed about this, tomorrow I'll do another. I get lovely linen items from the thriftie, probably because people just can't be bothered to press linen, beautiful as it may be.  I don't press it very often, either, but a bit crumpled is part of the look.

Some other summer stuff I have finally had to admit is way too big for me now, the opposite of the usual situation, I know, so there are several items for the Giveback Box now on the spare room bed waiting to be filled.  I appear to have settled on being permanently small, no point in keeping nice items other women could use.


  1. Clever Duncan! I'm thrilled to bits.

  2. Big congrats least I will be able to see it in person and oooo and awwww with envy!!


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