Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Day Three of the Little January Artbook

These artworks are just the work of a minute or two.  Very undemanding, just about right for January.

This is a drawing of one the very tip of one of my houseplants which I grew from a single leaf, now huge.  Done with a carpenter's 6B pencil. If you've never used a carpenter's pencil, try it.  It's flat, so the lead gives you a wide side plus four pointed corners to work with.  This drawing was mainly done with a corner of the lead.  If I wanted big sweeping areas, I'd have used the flat of the lead. Buy it at the hardware store, cheaper than the art supply places.

On the design side, notice how I placed the image. Fairly far down the paper (remembering this is only a few inches on a side), so that the space above is activated by the movement of the plant. And there are several areas of negative space inside the image.  The paper is white, but it photographs as blue for reasons which escape me.

You can like art without knowing any of this, but I think it enlarges your enjoyment if you know a bit more about what you're seeing. 

I did this while I waited for the new washing machine to be delivered, just improving the shining hour.

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