Wednesday, October 25, 2017

More adventures with donated materials

Today's practice used some lovely grey card stock, or heavy paper, between the two, donated by Kate H., and the pens donated by Judy T.  Between them they created a great combo of materials to use.

These are sized for greeting cards, and I have envelopes, not matching, just appealing Kraft ones, on the way.  I may yet get back into my mailbag.  Look out!

Anyway, I tried some faintly remembered Chinese strokes from years ago, three strokes, a Buddha's eye in there, thrown ink for the effect of blowing leaves or petals.  All different.  Newly ground ink, nice and dark, and I used all three pens.  All at different angles, different pressures.  I really love the line and shape that result.

This is the kind of thing you keep doing, like weaving stars or something.  And blogistas may see more of these at some point. 

They can also be the covers for small notebooks.  Stitched.  Hm. Must get onto that.


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