Saturday, October 14, 2017

Beaded, dyed silk posh book, iris pages

I guess this book is pretty much high end.  It's silk I dyed and beaded, with iris pages.  Currently the pages and cover are under pressure to dry the glue holding the spine edges together, and there will be a bit more stitching and maybe beaded, at the spine after that. Meanwhile just wanted you to see a work in progress. 

Front cover

Back cover

The clips on the far side are holding the spine together, but will be gone once the adhering and more stitching is done. Here you can see the pages in place.

The new iron is doing okay, managed to adhere the stiffening stuff without melting anything, a real concern with a new iron in contact with stuff such as silk and beads.  Though glass, they're tiny, and might just collapse under heat and pressure.  Like the artist, in fact.  But all was well.

Thanks to all the lovely blogistas who have been in touch lately with encouraging words, and cards and tokens of friendship.  Can't tell you how much it means. Especially you, Asha.  And do get your own blog up and running again.  When you do, I'll give you a shout out in here, with a link.


  1. well, this is just a stunner. Most of your work impresses me no end, but it does seem you have outdone yourself here. I love the textures, and the colors of all of this. Just lovely.

  2. Your comment arrived just as I uploaded the actual finished work! It now has jewelry, Indian, on its left edge. And it's completely done. I think this is the last of the artist books for now. I definitely have enough for the little glass case provided for the exhibit.

    Meanwhile thank you for your words, so kind and encouraging. Lovely to read.

  3. You're very deserving, and I am glad to know you are supported as you should be. Thank you for the offer, I will have to get my butt in gear and set aside some time to plan and deliver a couple posts. Stunning art book, as always.

  4. Love this. Just caught up with your recent entries...thanks for the mention, I'm honoured.


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