Friday, June 16, 2017

New work under way, and some thoughts about process

This week has seen: total downheartedness at the weaving piece which was looking too heavy, too something, needs a different approach.  But that made me remember the brain stitching, which is in progress, and wonder if it could be applied to the weaving.  Tried that, even more downhearted.  Oil and water.  Didn't work. The weaving has some other destination and process.

So played a bit with fairly meaningless design with caran d'ache watercolor pencils and a bit of water, as here

doesn't amount to much as art, but it allowed me to tread water until today the idea for the Dreaming artwork for the Plainsboro Artists' Group show late August, burst upon me, yay.  The Brain Project, by itself, duh!

I realized it was not part of the weaving after all, the weaving being the initial idea for the Dreaming work, now relegated to another category.  But the overlay of the brain image I printed on silk still relevant, and a backing of burlap and gold paint and various other things yet to happen, very much relevant to the notion of the dreaming brain.  Mine, anyway.

So that's how fine art sometimes happens. Not a linear process, where you decide what to do and do it. And you remember that the fine in fine art doesn't mean it's lovely, it means it's a finished item, stands alone, has no physical function other than being experienced by the viewer.  It means complete.  Sadly misunderstood term.

Anyway, Cynthia, I thought you'd like to see this stage of the work, since you triggered the whole thing! This is a lot of the moving parts, and there's the 12 x 12 shadow box frame in the background, waiting to be occupied.  More pix when it's done. 

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