Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Mobius Cowl emerges

So, half of the returning yarn is now knitted up, into a Mobius cowl.  As you see, red and the camera are at odds again, so the color you see in action, in artificial light, is way too orange for the real yarn

and the one you see against wood, in daylight, is way too gray for the real yarn

It's about halfway between. Very warm red to pink, hand dyed, variegation. It's full of shades and shadows and shapes, so the camera has its work cut out.  I arranged it two different ways here, too, just because I could.  You can turn the turnover part to the side, too.  I haven't blocked nor pressed it at this point, just wanted to see if I like it more curly.  I do, but I think I'll still do a bit more finishing, just for the sake of knowing.

It's a Mobius cowl, and if you want to make one, here's the deets:  I didn't use a pattern, just figured it out as I went.  Not sure what the weight of yarn is, but the gauge in this stitch is approximately 4 sts to the inch in both directions.

I used size 8 needles, cast on 51 stitches and proceeded in Shaker stitch for 24 inches.  You need an odd number of stitches for this stitch, in multiple of 2.  Since it turns over at the end of the making up, you could just do plain old garter stitch for this, since the Shaker part is only half visible.  I think it's interesting, but not vital.

Then I turned the starting end over, and cast off the finishing end by picking up from the left needle and the starting edge at the same time, knitting together, then casting off.  Worked across both ends at the same time that way.  So both ends are cast off together, no stitching involved.  You really don't need a pattern for a lot of nice knits, just a willingness to experiment.

This cowl is very warm, partly because it's wonderful yarn, from Shepherd Susie, partly of the openwork stitch which traps warm air, and partly because the Mobius shape gives endless folds.  It's also fun to arrange around your neck in various formations. And it can pull high on the back of your head if, like me, you'll do anything not to wear a hat. Or pull up over your mouth to breathe through when the wind is cutting.  It is also a kitty magnet, works just like a warm nest for them, ask me how I know this.

The Mobius strip is one of those mysteries, where you take a two sided object, fold it over once, attach the two ends and it's now a one sided object.  Endlessly entertaining, as well as a nice cowl to wear.  You can try this with a strip of paper, prepare to be mystified.

And now that it's done, the warm weather has obligingly gone away, so I get to use the cowl right away.


  1. t looks so warm and cosy I think I will have a go at making one how much wool did it take please

  2. One skein. But you could make it longer if you wanted. And you can use up odd amounts, in stripes.


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