Friday, February 10, 2017

New knitting group, and pussyhats rule!

Today was the first meeting of a new knitting/crochet circle, at a local library,  and it was great fun.  Five members plus the librarian who organized it, and one baby who came with her mom and gave us cuteness overload! And another person who will join but didn't know about the group till she stopped in at the library this afternoon.

And, in the course of talking and sharing and showing and learning, wonderful instant interchange of ideas, I produced the pussyhat in search of an owner, and it is now owned by Mary the librarian. She plans to wear it to the March for Science coming up in DC!  

And another old friend I don't see half often enough, turned up, and we were both very happy about that. She accepted a pussyhat pin and promptly put it on.  

I will have to knit a few more at this rate! it's wonderful.  Also the group learned the significance of the safety pin movement.

But this was just on the side, since the main item was the rapport of the group, and the talents going on, ranging from a knitted scarf in progress, to a brand new knit work cast on today, to afghan segments for Warm Up America, to  crocheted cup shapes useful for many purposes, to relearning crochet, amazing range of skills and sharing.  This will happen every two weeks, unless we decide to up the ante!  and it's in the afternoon, good for folks who are not keen on night driving, and fits in with moms with school age kids, since they can get home for the bus.

All in all, a very good use of a Friday afternoon.


  1. As a non-knitter who would like a pussycat pin, do you know if there is a place where i can buy one of them? Are you making your available for sale? I'd love to buy one! If so, let me know so I can contact you privately with details...
    Carol S.

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  3. I need a way of communicating with you please. Glad to give a pin just for a few $$ for postage. If anyone else would like obe, please be in touch, with an email that can be replied to. Comments put in here are also forwarded to my email.


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