Thursday, January 19, 2017

Plainsboro Library Staff Show Reception

Just to show yet again, that artists are people with day jobs, here's the first ever gallery show presented by the staff of Plainsboro Public Library.  Any staff member could enter work, and most of them did. Some were exhibiting work for the first time.

The array of talent, in painting, photography, including  glass prints,  book art, video (yes, a mesmeric changing and dissolving montage of the ocean at Virginia Beach, must see this), font design, weaving, pottery, 40 pieces in all, the work of eleven artists, just has to be seen. It's only up for a few more days, so if you're local, hurry over.

Deputy township mayor Neil was in attendance, here center, talking with library staff

and the library director MaryAnn, left,very happy with the quality of the show and the attention it was getting

and food is important, too, another quality feature

It's just a lovely experience to study, slowly, and appreciate the work of our staff when they're not running the library. 

Sharon M, seen here admiring other artists' work, is the creator of the video seen in still image below. It runs continually, on a loop, all the hours of the library opening.
Center are two of Regan T's photographs, atmospheric and magical

Nicoleta is well known to the young stitchers at the summer EGA outreach program in the library, since she volunteers to assist at the sessions to lend her considerable stitching and teaching skills to their efforts. Her weaving and pottery are wonderful.

Here's Sharon M.s video, but you have to go see it in person


This book art with collage, work of Vanessa J., is one of the most moving items in the show. It's a book about how young people of color don't always know what their older generation went through. A lot of feeling and fact packed into a small artist-made book.

 Darren's work studies fonts and blueprints.  It makes you look!

And there's more! this is only a taste of what's there.  I came early to get pix before the crowds arrived for the reception. Thank you all, library staff, who are all also friends, for creating both a terrific gallery show and a great library atmosphere every day.

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