Saturday, December 24, 2016

Presents, becoming art even as we speak..

Christmas Eve, and to my great joy, a gift to me from me, ends of combed top and roving, angora goat, arrived today, on a Sunday, several days ahead of schedule. Cheerful postie wearing a Santa hat, too.

So a lot of squeeing and playing and excited tweeting ensued. It's two small bags of ends,  plenty for me, and each bag totally different colorways.  Unbelievable softness, and there's sparkle, and dark, and variegated carded colors, just a wonderful deal. From Goats Magosh, and I like these people now! See the handwritten note on the invoice.

Then, another gift arrived early, including some lovely glass beads, a crystal string now on the tree, where it catches rainbows every morning, and will stay up after seasonal items come down.

and some now in the current weaving in progress.  In fact, there are a few more inches done since I did this pic yesterday.

This is yarn I spun and dyed, and plied, even, and you've seen it at various stages.  The loom is cardboard, and I warped up the back, too so I can continue working over the top and round, making a longer piece than you see here.  Very crafty stuff, this.

All very much well on the art side of life right now.  And many more plans in mind, as always.

Merry Holidays to us all! and if Sunday is just a nice December Sunday, enjoy that.

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