Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Transparency Show, Protest Art, now available

I've finished the dozen pieces in my promised online show, all transparencies printed on silk gauze.  These pieces are layered,  literally and metaphorically, with varying meanings to whoever sees them.  That's why I didn't name them. They're for you to interpret and enjoy.  They're all new works, not exhibited anywhere except here.

They are all my own artwork (with the exception of a couple of iconic male sculpted heads), which I photographed and printed out on silk. They remind us that there are many layers in life, and very few yes/no, on/off choices. I used paintings, drawings, prints, weaving, stitching, painted eggs and photography as the bases for these pieces.

This is presented to you as part of my personal effort to support local good works, in the expectation that times will be getting harder for their clients, and, since my own income is very modest, I can't fund them directly, but I can parlay art into funds for them.

It works like this:  each piece is available, matted and backed, for $75 plus $10 s and h (if you're outside the US, we might have to talk about this, I'll check ahead and let you know the exact amount).  Of that amount, every penny other than my expenses in creating the works, will be directed to a local charity by me.  And I will account to you, the buyer, for where your money went, just so you know you did a good thing!  If you have a preference as to what sort of charity, is close to your heart, just say so and I will direct your money to that, locally to here. I will not be funding any political entities at all.

Each mat is 14 x 11" (35.5 x 28 cm), and the image opening is 9.5 x 7.5" (24 x 19 cm).  This is a standard size, so you can frame for yourself if you'd rather avoid the frame shop.  Every piece will be matted, with a backing sheet, acid free, in arctic white, in a protective clear envelope.  The watermark, bu the way, is only online, not on the actual physical artwork.

So here's the show.  Be in touch if you want to be part of the project by buying and enjoying original art.  These are some of the best works I've done to date, and I think you'll like them.

Transparency 1

Transparency 2

Transparency 3

Transparency 4

Transparency 5

Transparency 6

Transparency 7

Transparency 8

Transparency 9

Transparency 10

Transparency 11

Transparency 12

You can be in touch either via the comments section after this post (click on comments link, to open up the comment section), or by email at l xx adams at yahoo dot com, but no spaces, and use the usual "at" sign.  

And thank you!



  1. such varity here best of luck with finding buyers.

  2. A very visually-interesting portfolio, Liz. Good luck on your fundraising!

  3. Thank-you. I'm hoping that this, my latest shrimp rescue, will help the desperate situation faced by many people now.

  4. Socrates! My favorite! I love this work. Thank you for creating it!


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