Thursday, November 3, 2016

Spinning becomes knitting

All this spinning's fine, but there comes a moment, once there's a bag full of spun yarn, when a person thinks it's time to try it out as knitting material.  The lumpy yarn is good for weaving artworks, but where the yarn was more consistent, time to try it out as something to wear.

The sudden final arrival of cold weather triggered a need for some warm gloves, since last winter's knitted gloves long ago became gardening items, so I figured some fingerless ones, in Coopworth lovely cosy yarn, would fit the bill.  Since I'm still a learner, my yarn is not fine enough to ply yet, so this yarn is in the form of singles, and seems to work fine.  I also did my first spit splice in the course of finishing one ball and starting the next, very proud of that accomplishment.

So here we are, and the second one is on the needles, so I'm safe from the peril of one gloveitis, which is similar to one sockitis, where your enthusiasm wanes after the first item, and is nowhere to be found when it comes to finishing the second one.

You'll notice that I'm using four, not five, needles, though the cast on is for 32 stitches, which would divide equally on four.  I just find four too fussy, and prefer to knit around a triangle, but if you like to use all five of your set, this is a place to do it.

The pattern is a very well written one, free from Ravelry and her blog, and designed by someone whose name will be displayed here as soon as I track it down!  sorry, lost in the mists of searching for the moment, but it's very nice.  Good thumb gusset, and though this is a man's item, since I have big hands, it works fine for me. And the exposed fingertips make it easy to use phone and tablet where you have to make contact directly with the screen.

Of course now the weather has gone all warm again, but I'll be ready for when the cold gets us.

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