Monday, August 15, 2016

Plein Air August 15 Turning Basin Park

Surprisingly, since the weather has been impossible to be outside, today was not bad at all.  I started early and stayed in the shade, and had a very good time. So did a couple of mosquitoes, but I had my handy anti itch dabber at the ready.

Here's the haul from today, all small works, and building toward an artist's book, probably.

As you note, I'm under the pavilion roof in the shade, and looking out, pilot pen fine on mulberry paper, smooth side

Picnic grill same pen and paper as above, interesting shadows caused by trees above, but not visible until the pic was made


 Looking at trees with sun coming through them

 Trees with sun slanting through them. These are both watercolors using cad yellow, cad red and ultramarine blue.  I meant to spatter the second one, and still have to do that.

I was just thinking it would be good to find something very small to draw as a change of pace in distance, when this little maple leaf fell onto my paper.  It was a sign!

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