Sunday, August 14, 2016

At the gallery, artists gallery sit

This afternoon, a squad of artists with work in the Gourgaud Gallery show in Cranbury came in to open the gallery and to gallery sit for the afternoon to allow the public in on the weekend. During the week the gallery is open all the hours of the building, which is the Town Hall. Weekends we have to take on the sitting responsibility. Since the heat index was over 110F today, we were not surprised to find that visitors were sparse, to put it mildly.

But we had a lovely artist convo afternoon, sharing and critiquing and discussing and talking up future possibilities for all of us.  Very good group, and I took the chance to make a couple of small ink drawings

here's one of two colleagues deep in conversation, ink on watercolor paper

 and one deep in creating a value study for an upcoming class, ink on mulberry paper.

There were artworks galore

ink on mulberry paper and we all took a new walk around to admire and discuss methods, materials and the kinds of things that interest us.   I shared a few pages of the mulberry paper so other people can take a shot at working with it, too.

Next Sunday the gallery will be open again and with any luck, the heatwave will have moved on and visitors will dare come out.  The gallery is cool and comfortable, and complete with snacks, in case you were thinking of showing up next Sunday, 1-4 p.m.  Just sayin'!

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  1. Wonderful "report". I could almost see the gallery from NC! THANKS for the exciting news.


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