Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Drawing and painting out of doors

The current challenge on Twitter in the art area is growing items, drawing, painting, any art form to convey them.  I'm seizing on the better weather to get out and work on the patio, drawing or painting whatever is in front of me.  My plein air group hasn't started up yet, but I hope we will before long.

I find that my focus holds up for a couple of drawings or drawing/paintings, then it's done.  I have to remind myself every time that it's not length of time, it's power of focus that matters.

In fact it's tiring to do modified contour drawing, which is the style I like a lot, because it needs such total concentration, and I think I have to work my focus back up. This drawing style looks rather casual to the observer, a loose, relaxed form, but it's totally engrossing. I'm working on not feeling impelled to make new drawing and painting every day, no particular virtue in filling every minute, better to just enjoy each work as it comes.

So here are a couple of recent works. 

One is the rapidly growing potato foliage in a pot, drawn in pilot pen on white watercolor paper, which looks bluish in pix, no idea why.  This pot will yield me a plate of new potatoes once the foliage dies back.  

The other is a painting, very loose, in watercolor, with a drawing superimposed. Shrubs, wildflowers, fungi.

While I was in the middle of this, the postie arrived with a little package of new watercolor tube paints, so I tried a couple of them out right away.

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  1. such skill with the pen and paint too, very nice


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