Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tapestry Ocean, and Goldwork on printed, dyed linen

Today a completed work, a small tapestry, made from yarn I spun and dyed then wove, with a hanging dowel painted to look like metal. I wove this on a cardboard loom.

and a work in progress, goldwork on printed and dyed linen.  I think beading will get in here, too.

Next Thursday's artist in residence session will feature beading and possibly embroidery on lace.  I have to find beaded pieces to show, though the more spectacular ones are now in collections, and not available to me right now. And I have to paw through my books to find something on beading.  Not hard to find raw materials for beading! just a little tricky to transport without creating bead soup.

Hard to believe how fast these nine sessions are rushing by. Week Six now!


  1. I thumbed through an old book about weaving at the library yesterday and thought of you. I thought, "I bet Boud knows all about this stuff!"

  2. Aren't you nice! I know a bit, but not the classical official loom related stuff -- too deliberative and linear and literal for my taste. I do love browsing about that kind of weaving though.

  3. so good to not only weave his piece but to have spun and dyes the wool too is such an achievement and a lovely hanging too

  4. I love your tapestry. It looks like a cloudy new moon over a mountain top.

  5. It has to give you such a great feeling of satisfaction to know that you have had a hand in the creation of every element that went into this.


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