Thursday, April 21, 2016

Score: virus 1, Boud 0 more or less, but one thing got finished

This week has been quiet on the art front, and more exciting than I like on the health side.  A gut virus felled me on Sunday, and I am still not acquainted with solid food, but I think it's abating now, leaving total tiredness. Anyway, that's why there's no AIR session this afternoon, sorry, but I will be back next week.  The libe staff is all aware and will explain if anyone is looking and asking.

The only small thing I've been able to accomplish is, once the parts for the floor embroidery frame arrived, to complete the assembly, and install a sample piece of dyed linen on it, just to show how it works.  The clamps which grip the fabric are great, easy to tighten by turning them to the back of the frame.

If you downloaded the pdf you will have seen that it calls for four two inch segments of half inch pvc piping, for a table model.  In order to adapt that to a floor model, I substituted two 25 inch pieces, to raise it up to the level I need.  Incidentally, if you are concerned about the originator of the plans, she does suggest various adaptations, and I doubt she'd object to this one.

The photograph distorts the relative size of the top and the base -- they're much nearer in size than they appear here.  And I'm pleased with the result, pretty sturdy, lightweight, and can be taken apart and put together easily.

I am going to dye some silk pieces, once they arrive, the way I did the last dye lot, and I'll be able to use my new frame to stitch on them.  Very pleased with all this.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

ooooh - this is a great adaption!! I'm sure Kathy would be thrilled with it (and I plan to send her the link to your blog so she can see). Just wish the clamps were easier to locate - at least they're not available here.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

edited to add - forgot to say I hope you're feeling better!!

margaret said...

By now you should be feeling better sorry to read you have had an upset tum. Frame looks good and makes an excellent floor frame

shawkl said...

Love that you have adapted my design to fit your need! Very well done! Hugs, Kathy of

Boud said...

Thank-you! I'm very pleased with it.