Thursday, February 4, 2016

One of those great studio days that come along now and then

I had a few things to attend to before I could get into the studio, largely of an admin nature, for my guild, and for friends, and wondered if I was going to make it in there.

But as it happened, once the promised tasky stuff was taken care of,  I ended up having the sort of day you hardly ever get, full of discovery and new art, as opposed to physical, energy.

The results were enough to make a person happy.  Three new works conceptualized, and just a start made, framing for five others finally figured out, more or less, the big piece Holding up the Sky or whatever its name is, don't ask me, I only work here, and cool portable ideas I can be working on in my Artist in Residence stint in March and April.  Can't ask for more than that.

So here are a few things for you to see.  My inner printmaker surged forward and insisted on printing on hand dyed linen, 

this will be a stretched, freestanding piece, with surface embroidery and might accompany me to this weekend's Stitch in Public Day, we'll see.

and on cotton lawn,

 possibly a background for one of the planet pieces framed
 and on heavy paper. Those are not creases, they're printed to look that way, an optical illusion

Definitely a background for the latest planet piece, the one trying out the frame for size and requesting more interesting ideas in the background.

I ended up having to work on three surfaces -- one clean one for the frames and glass cleaners, 

one glass one for the printmaking, and one with clean cloths on for the final work on the tapestry.  

Anyone who has ever worked with printmaking inks knows how they get around unexpectedly, and it's better if they don't get onto finished stitched and woven works unless it's on purpose. Of course, most people don't try to frame, stitch and print all at once, but oh well.  You have to seize the moment.

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