Monday, February 1, 2016

Copper wire planet now in orbit

Another planet completed and now in orbit.  

I think I will have to do more shadowbox framing than I'd intended, since a lot of these textile pieces, while nice to see without glass, will never stand up to being exhibited, with the risk of people wanting to handle them.

I just had to stop a visitor after she'd grabbed one of the weavings on the wall to admire it!  explained that you never touch an artwork.  But I was astonished that I had to explain this, so that was a good piece of learning for me.  I did offer her raw materials she could enjoy handling, though, such as a length of spanish merino roving, which she loved.

The difficulty is that a lot of people can't distinguish between textiles meant for handling and wearing from textiles intended as artworks, too fragile for handling.  So I have to take precautions.


  1. I've never thought about it, but I suppose there is an urge to touch fabric and fiber...though I'm surprised people wouldn't stop themselves before they actually DID it!

  2. I see it all the time at shows even though there are notices saying do not touch people still do, such a shame as things get grubby from handling. A good idea to have some of the things you have used in a box etc for people to feel, planet looks so good


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