Friday, February 5, 2016

A Great Friday

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But meanwhile, here's why I blog and don't print this all out like a book -- explanation over in Field and Fen, among other things -- just enjoy these scenes.

This is a couple of beech trees, probably planted by birds as many trees are around here when they're not self propagating with wind, or however they're designed to multiply. Today's sudden snowstorm, wet heavy snow, changed the color of the bark, and the sun came out to outline everything with light.  

The usual color of beech tree bark is a lovely warm elephant grey, smooth and a great contrast to the pale gold leaves which stay on all winter. It's one of the ways a person can spot the beech when all the other trees are anonymous to the unsylvan. 

So I took several images, with the light changing rapidly, good job I wasn't trying to paint this.  And what a lift it gives to tired spirits to see the leaves continuing their happy dance all winter.  See the wet bark, and the sunlight creating all kinds of shadows and shapes.

This is what feeds your ability to see and grasp what's going on in what seems like the dead of winter.

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