Thursday, January 14, 2016

The tapestry goes on, and the butterfly emerges

The tapestry is starting to take on meaning now.  Here's how it looks this morning.  The two insertions are just pinned in place for now, but I think they will stay. You'll recognize the lower one as one of those fringy sawblade weavings, painted.  Once the tapestry's off the loom, I'll take pix that will be a bit easier to read, with less background interference.

It's shaping up as a World Under a Tropical Sun piece.  There will be more weaving, but some of those open areas you see will remain open, and I think some of the woven parts will be pushed about a bit to express the ideas more clearly. This is a great stage to be at, where it starts to come together with a concept and rewards all the groping about in the dark earlier.  It does fall in conceptually with the Planet Suite, too, both in the ideas and in the materials I'm using.

And, since I have to have something portable to take with me to see me mates at the stitching guild, here's another stumpwork butterfly from the  butterfly habitat in progress, one of the more junior bflies here, not competing with the big beaded and goldworked ones. 

I'm just stitching on the wire which will enable it to pose on the final work, after I've cut it out around the stitching. It's a piece I stamped from the stamp I carved and showed you a while back.  First I ran a line of split stitching around the edges, and now I'm overcasting the wire with the same thread to create a firm wired margin. The fabric has a built-in sparkle, so little ornamentation will be needed.

Tomorrow: plans for a road trip with stitching friends to the Michener Museum, in Pennsylvania not far from here, to see antique quilts from the collection in York, UK, along with Kaffe Fassett's responding quilts.  Look for pix if they let me take them.

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  1. your weaving is growing quickly and looks so good. Loving your butterfly. Enjoy the Kaffe quilts I saw them when they were on display in York. Unfortunately the quilt museum has closed down so no more exhibitions for us there


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