Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Field of Dorset buttons comes to be

So another work has come together.  This is an exciting stage, where a lot of moving parts find their home and I can show you what I had in mind all along, more or less.

Here's that linen, which I dyed with turmeric and onionskins, shibori style, then stamped with my handcarved stamps, and now have attached those Dorset buttons you saw happening way back. This piece will wait a few days before I declare it done.

And I have another big dyed work in mind to add a bit to, while I'm at it. That's the one with the embroidery on net based on line drawings I did this year.

My copper supplies also arrived, so I can get back to weaving planets in copper and other fibers. Moving right along.


mittens said...

this is so elegant, airy, floaty. It's always a treat when what you intend comes together at last. Not much is quite that satisfying, is it.

Asha Francis said...

Oh my, I love love love this. Something about the colour scheme and the placement of the elements really speaks to me. You inspire my soul to smile! :)

Boud said...

Thank-you both for encouraging comments! Always welcome around here.

margaret said...

so taken with this piece what a great way to use Dorset buttons on your beautifully dyed fabric

Minimiss said...

Love it.