Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Next step: stretchers warped

Today I warped up artist stretchers as you see here, using, for the first time, the Loom Holder Upper my friend Michael designed and made for me. This right after making that circular weaving on the sawblade he gave me.  He's having an impact.  High time I used the LHU, it's ages since he made it, but other art got in the way.

 Two views, not so easy to see the warp thread.

This is warped up with cotton thread, perle, I think, size two.  The circular piece will end up near the top of this new work, along with various other ideas yet to be had.  I will probably paint this warp at some point, too.  The thing is that weaving is fabric, exactly as painter's canvas is, and you can paint if you choose.

I also plan a bit of handmade papermaking soon, using the saw blade as a mold for another  piece to be part of the same exhibit.

Back to the weaving: I warped it side to side, then turned it right side up to do the work.  The gauge is two warps to the inch, pretty generous. You can see why I had to warp side to side: when you clamp it in place, you can't pass warp thread around the frame at the bottom.  So side to side allows you to do that, and then, having duct taped the warp threads in place -- no engineering at all on this loom!-- I could turn it through a quarter turn and clamp it in place.

The piece will measure about 40 x 24, if I remember correctly. Nice wall hanging length.  It's possible that some Dorset buttons will end up on here, too.


  1. That LHU is a very cool arrangement! Are you going around little nails in the frame? I'm wondering about the duct tape.
    I've never been tempted by the small looms I've seen that make narrow straps, and a floor loom would take up most of the floor space in any room in my house. But your arrangement reminds me in size of a Navajo loom, which has always appealed to me hugely!
    Looking forward to seeing your creation grow :)

  2. No nails. Just markings to show where the warp threads go. The tension you hold as you warp keeps them in place. I don't usually tape but thought I'd try it this time, to avoid shifting of the warp as I work.

  3. Another piece to follow with anticipation! I appreciate weaving so much, but it's something I haven't managed to try (yet!)


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