Sunday, December 6, 2015

LLama yarn in action

So fun to work with this -- the last person who handled it this closely was the Bolivian spinner, using the fleece from the cooperative's llama herd.

It's working up very softly, and I think in order to open out the design I will probably stretch it on a canvas or possibly just stretchers, with dyed fabric behind it, and perch butterflies and whatever else happens on it here and there.  We'll see.  I can only knit for a few minutes at a time before my arm starts to whine, so this is as far as I got to date.  Note the change of color toward the bottom. This is the right way up, the needle at the top acting the part of a dowel for picture purposes, which is why it passes through at intervals, using the holes I designed there for that purpose.

It's about yarnovers and k2togs and that kind of stitch.  I like this very much for knitted hangings.  This one may not have any crochet happening, though, a bit bulky for the bubbles I was making on the other one which is still in progress on the crochet hook, freeing up the needles for this one.  I probably won't do short rows on this piece, either, since the yarn is bulky and soft and might not do the drape well.

There may be two hangings, one the finer one with alpaca, the other the llama, but I'll see how I like it as it goes.  I need a couple of big pieces to offset the smallness of the embroidered framed items, and this might be just the right thing.  Or maybe it will end up being three pieces, remembering the rule of three..

One great advantage to alpaca and' I now find, llama, is that I don't sneeze or get any skin irritation when I work with it, unlike some sheep wools.


  1. Nice! I love the magic of YO/K2T.
    Sorry your arm is bothering you, but I'm glad you are able to do some of what you want to do! Is the arm getting better?

  2. Thank-you, it's getting better a bit slowly for this impatient camper!

  3. this is going to look lovely with butterflies bees etc scattered over it


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