Sunday, December 27, 2015

Circular weaving segment of bigger work, done

Sawblade weaving now off the loom and on the wall, for the moment until it finds a home in a bigger piece.  I still have to work on the copper areas, after the paint I used to disguise the white warp ends, matching the fuzzy yarn area, has safely dried

I did include wire in the outer area, and as you see, it holds up well with a single pushpin in place, doesn't droop down.  If you wonder how I got it off the blade, since neither the blade nor the warp would flex, I cut the first half circle of the loops and tied them back, then was able to slide the whole thing off the rest of the blade.  This has been a good deal!

One observer sees it as a mandala, which I admit hadn't occurred to me.  But fine anyway!  and I now see the copper insert as a kind of head and shoulders. This shape seems to recur in my work nowadays, seems to have replaced the Yorkshire hills line. 

In the course of working with this one, I've been retraining so as to use my left arm less, since that's the overworked and sore one, so this has been good practice at being aware as I work instead of realizing later that I was frozen into one set of repetitious movements, not so good.

So this is where we are for now.


Quinn said...

Well, this is a very interesting piece, Liz. I save a lot of old rusted tools and unidentified bits because I like the way they look, but I've never thought of using a circular sawblade as a loom! I love the way you think.

Boud said...

Have you ever tried molding handmade paper over them? Great fun, doesn't hurt the tools or bits. You've got me onto thinking about molding a paper piece over the sawblade loom now

margaret said...

this has worked so very well

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I like this one Liz! I love the copper and blue together and actually think it could quite easily be a stand-alone piece. Good-o!!!