Friday, December 18, 2015

Butterfly, nearly there now, and looking for her home

So here's the almost completed butterfly, the big one, that is, wired and when finished, to be cut out and posed, using the wiring to create a realistic effect.  

The hindwings are still to be done, and I'm resisting going on and on with more goldwork, this being a favorite thing to do, and there will be beads and other things, I think.  Thinking about using purl, too, meaning that fine spiral thread that you cut and use like beads, but make small hoop shapes as you go.  I have some of that in a wonderful color.

And I'm still foofling with the background, possibly using the llama yarn knit/crochet piece, but not as a solid background, more of a curtain drawn aside as the butterflies emerge -- Escaping the Net, is the idea here.  I have another big embroidered piece which I think I'll press into service as the solid background.  It has been exhibited as is, but now I think would benefit from more happening around it.

Sudden expedition yesterday to Princeton Art Museum, in search of these items, which they officially assured me were in the lower gallery.  Son came along, giving himself a couple of hours off from the job hunt, and had a great time playing hooky at the museum. We looked over the whole place, it being a while since he was there, and despite all our efforts, failed to find the items I originally went in search of.

But he loved the Book of Kings, and the von Rydingsvard sculpture, as well as the great African piece, the metal fabric, and looked over the Impressionist collection.  We both got a lot out of the Caves of the Silk Road exhibit, more here, which I hadn't seen before. This is a constantly changing place, worth repeated visits.

The weather was torrentially wet, so I didn't take any camera or tablet with me, not wanting to risk getting them wet, so you need to take my word on all this! and the Any Body Oddly Propped giant installation outside the front door looked very sad and forlorn and unimpressive in the rain.  It's very dependent on a high light, just goes dormant in wet weather.

The Dollivers are agitating for attention to their festive gear and decorating and so on, so that's the next item on the agenda chez Liz.

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