Saturday, September 5, 2015

#paintseptember, wild cherry branches, awaiting better paper!

Today's small offerings, from my fruit-loaded wild cherry tree, still working on cheapish paper, 80 lb., not quite heavy enough for what I'm doing.  Two small paintings, about 8 x 10 in. I've ordered a heavier weight paper, figuring since I'm on a roll,  I'll use it.

Perfect outdoor day today, lower humidity, lovely sunshine, cheerful neighbors, holiday weekend for a lot of them.To read more, go here

This one I drew rapidly first, then just brushed a bit of a wash over the leaves and the fruit.  This would have benefited from a better grade paper, to hold the color better.

And this one I started with the painting, then touched it up with the pen drawing.  I like both ways of going, and it's interesting to vary them and see what happens.  It changes the way you see.

And I used a round sable and a flat sable, no sponge brush today.

This cherry tree has featured in many artworks -- stitchings, drawings, paintings.  It's one of those interesting models you keep coming back to.  Amazing that the old branches, broken and battered from storms and old age, are still bearing heavily.

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Minimiss said...

Loving all your artwork whether you are happy with it or not. I am especially loving your goldwork initials that you now have on your page and on Ravelry. I am determined to get back to see you on a regular basis so hopefully this is the restart. The move south has disrupted me immensely. Have to spend quite a bit of time going through the the archives too. Know that you have never been far from my thoughts.