Friday, September 4, 2015

#paintseptember goes on!

These paintings I'm doing early in the morning are more in the nature of a brief meditation.  I'd say each takes maybe 15 minutes, tops, and to be honest, that's how I like watercolor to be.  Very rapid and spontaneous, not labored over forever.  Similar to the way I like to draw, same idea, rapid, unforced.  Makes better art to my taste.  But we all know I'm not at ALL opinionated, nooooo.

 I also like a limited palette.  Today it was aureolin yellow, Hooker's green light, bit of brown caran d'ache crayon, bit of light yellow cd crayon, all done with a one inch sponge brush. Few strokes of Pilot pen extra fine to finish.  Size of each is about 8x10 in, haven't measured.  Two on one sheet of paper.

This afternoon I'm off for some fun introducing another artist to the joys of paper jewelry!  pix at eleven, as they say...

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  1. amazes me that you can produce these painting so quickly, water colour is my favourite paint technique


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