Saturday, August 8, 2015

Vilene and drawing competing for attention

Another Vilene stitching, taken from my line drawing, is done and pinned here in a temporary place while I think about how these pieces will work best, and whether to make more. They may eventually be higher on the artwork, with supporting motifs below them.  Not sure yet.  Also, I want to keep them only lightly tacked on, so as to get the advantage of the shadows they cast. not applique them tightly all around.  I like the notion that they might be in a wind, or might fly off any time.

And drawing for #drawingaugust continues apace.  Today it's about food and peeling farm tomatoes, so they got their few minutes of fame here, while waiting for the water to boil for them.  

The drawings I've been posting on Twitter are getting some very kind responses.  And I'm seeing a lot of good art being produced daily up there.

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  1. your stitching is so so delicate really beautiful and the pencil drawing is very good too


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