Thursday, August 27, 2015

Out of the studio to draw, back to the studio to muse and plan dyed linen piece

Early morning drawing of marigolds on the deck, for #drawingaugust.  I'll be sorry when this month long project is done, but I plan to create an artist's book from the portfolio of august drawings.

Then I was back in the studio, now that the heat has abated enough to be up there more than briefly, and I'm moving pieces around on the piece of linen I dyed with turmeric, shibori wrapped, to see what comes of the combination of Dorset buttons (may be more of them) and beaded fishlike shape, which may or may not stay, depending.  The yellow is much more pronounced and variegated in rl than my camera captures. None of these is stitched down yet, still at the moving about and throwing out stage.

Anyway, I thought you might like to see what's up, to date. There will be more foliage of some sort, or a net overlay, something or other of that nature.  I'm thinking another Vilene piece of netted stitching, maybe using a drawingaugust drawing for the template.


JennyPennyPoppy said...

Lovely marigold drawing and I have yet to try tumeric when dyeing. Must give that a go. Looks like a really neat piece you are working on.

Quinn said...

Isn't it fun? I'm enjoying drawingAugust even more this year. And though there has been quite a bit of self-promotion from people who (I think) really didn't get the original idea, I suppose that is inevitable when a "join in" gets big; this is the 3rd year Jean has hosted it, and it has grown each time. (When I got tired of some of the "FollowMe! SeeMe! BuyMy!" posts, I learned how to use the twitter Mute feature...easy peasy. ;)
I do have a couple of new ideas for projects as a result of the things I;ve done so far. And I'd love to think I'll carry on with daily artsy efforts, but honestly, it's not likely...most days, it's the thought of posting a sketch - however simple - to keep up with the "daily" goal, that has got me planted on my little cushion, pen in hand, Piper circling madly.

margaret said...

beautiful marigold, surely with your talent you will keep on drawing once august is over. The dyed piece is looking good loving the Dorset buttons