Saturday, August 29, 2015

Out and about, hanging a new exhibit with the Collective

Today was the first time I hung work in a group show with the local Creative Collective, and a lot of fun it was.  If you want to know more about Creative Collective, and you're in this region, central NJ, go here.   
I took in two  stitched pieces, one Flyover and one Weed, and they took their places in a huge array of styles and artforms in the gallery/barn/wine tasting area of Terhune Orchard.

Organizing getting under way. Considering there were about twenty artists involved, it was not as chaotic as you might expect!
I found recently that in addition to all sorts of fruit and flower and vegetable crops, Terhune Orchards now a thriving vineyard.  So since my art is hung right where happy people will be tasting wine at various major events in the next few weeks, this sounds like an ideal pairing.  

And no, Pam Mount, one of the owners, and an old acquaintance from YW days, is not paying me to do this!  but it's a thank you from me personally for her hosting of our work.  Nice environment, happy atmosphere all around.  If you want to know more, and you're local in central NJ, go here

Here's a brief picture tour, but there's a lot more to the place than I can show you here! it's a family owned and run farm, everyone works, and their family animals get their full credit, too!  The old white house is the family home, and there are barns and the store, and pick your own apples, and zinnias, and it's a great place to visit.

 And the Collective is a great group to hang out with.  Good day today.


margaret said...

I am sure the exhibition will be a great success, a great bonus for those visiting the farm

dogonart said...

Now that's what I call a perfect setting. Art, wine, fruit, flowers, animals.....

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What an amazing venue for an art display - wish I could come and see it for real.