Friday, August 7, 2015

Morning drawing spider plant hanging outside for the summer

My houseplants love their summer on the patio.  It's like going to camp.  They flourish, and there's a new problem in the fall, how to accommodate them, much bigger than back in June,  back in the house, but that's for September to figure out.

Meanwhile, the spider plant has put out a ton of new little spiders.  The drawing is selective, as drawing has to be when it's not meant to be a photographic rendition.  

I put this up on Twitter, and to my amazement, it went through.  Twitter has such masses of entries that I gather it takes a while for a new account to take hold, and my tweets have been working, but not my hashtag entries.  Something to do with selection at the sharp end, I think.  And possibly the ineptitude of the poster, no that can't be..

This is a drawingaugust entry, not intended as a template for embroidery, though.  Just a little standalone.

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  1. you certainly have wonderful skills with a pen and pencil, some real beauties here


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