Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Rainbow Prevails

This piece almost made itself, and is so full of meaning to me that it hardly needs anything more done.  The dyed linen rainbow strips are attached to the dyed background, but those backgrounds are not yet attached to the burlap.  This piece will have a rod pocket and dowel at the top, and hang as a wallhanging.  It might get a few beads or stitches, and then again it might not.

So much seems to have got into it -- Maggi, iconic artist, now gone, who taught me about Albers, iconic Bauhaus teacher, now gone, all about the interaction of color with its context,  and the iconic image of the two buildings, now gone, and the rainbow triumphing over it all.  I think it's about done. I know I am.

It's two buildings, but it's also two people and two doorways to what's next.  After her husband died, Maggi made some wonderful mixed media elegiac works musing on death and what's beyond.  And I think she'd be amused that I'm doing that with her in mind and her mentor Albers, too.

Very serious piece, for once. Usually cheerfulness keeps breaking in, but not this one. Light not very good today for pix, storms, but this is the best I got. Click to see better.

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