Saturday, May 30, 2015

Summer's Evening drawing, the last of the iris

Between sudden hot weather and sudden massive wind and rainstorms, the iris have had their season a bit shortened, so I thought I'd better get in a drawing or two while the going was good.

Here's the model, camera having difficulty with the extreme contrasts so a lot of the white areas are washed out

And here are two small drawings, about 8 x 6 inches,black fine point Pilot pen on white watercolor cold pressed paper. Click to see better.

Modified contour drawing, which is the name of this style of drawing, is one of my favorite approaches and is a great summer evening slow and peaceful work.  Then a nice glass of wine, can't drink and draw, have to have the wine afterwards, with a homebaked hot biscuit and some lovely blue cheese. Doesn't get much better.


  1. certainly you are very skilful with a pen as well as the needle, beautifully drawn. I have 2 iris out I am sure they have appeared from nowhere as I did not plant them, mine are yellow and white.

  2. LOVE your drawings! My little blue iris have not flowered yet, and I don't have (why not? WHY NOT??) any of the gorgeous bearded iris, so I am enjoying yours very much.


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