Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Doorway Two almost there

As you see, a lot has happened to Doorway Two since all your helpful ideas on orientation. The original silk is now covered in a fine netting, and there's a roofline stitched in.  So it's become a kind of paradox, a childlike house containing a doorway, looking out at a house and doorways, and you don't know if you're inside looking out, or outside seeing it from the street,  or not. I like this.

Anyway,  this is the current state of Doorway Two, and since it's very fragile looking in person, it might also be backed with a piece of handweaving.  Not sure yet. I have to see it on the wall a couple of days before I know. And the fringes will need a day or two to calm down and lie flatter.  

The dowel type thing you see is a pickup stick, from a set I'll be using at my paper jewelry workshop to teach people beadmaking! this one had just the right color for the piece.

But as always, open to suggestions.  I'm thinking of a much finer weave than on Doorway One, using one of my cardboard looms and finer yarn, just so it's not overwhelmed.  If I decide on weaving, that is.

The glistening fringes look nice now, all knotted and frayed at the ends to make them airy and light, but they were definitely one of those why did I start this processes.  I was making lark's head knots through netting with the finest crochet hook, like working in mid air on nothing, and it was good when it was done.  But I do like how it worked.  This reminded me of working with that gold rayon thread, lovely when done, very trying to work with.

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  1. This is very cool I love it!

    It is so 3d to me !

    Margaret Kath


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