Sunday, February 22, 2015

Some crowd sourcing requested here

At this point, I think the stitching on Doorway Two is done. There may or may not be beads, not sure yet.  But what I notice is that the artist is not always the best judge of which way is up.

So I took pix of all four aspects of the piece, and if you would be so kind as to look and study and think and let me know which way you think is the right orientation for this piece, that would be great. It will probably be appliqued to a bigger background, to work as a wallhanging.





Thank you, art collaborators!


  1. I had to reread this twice. I flipped through thinking you had rearranged the elements or had four different pieces with similar elements... doh. It looks so different turned every which way!

    I prefer the third orientation where the brown is on the left. Do hope you intend to include that part.


  2. I vote for #2. Found my eye travelled over the piece better.

  3. # 3 for me. And I have a quasi-reason too!! For some reason I can 'see' people forms in #3 which, in my mind, sort of fits with the doorway theme (with a nod to the fact that people walk through said doorways).

  4. I like both #2 and #4, for the sense of diagonal movement in each of them--it seems to give it some kind of energy the other aspects lack...

  5. #3 for me. Not sure why but that's my pick.


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